Embracing change

We reimagine your organisation, and set you up to succeed by fostering a culture that embraces change.

Change is hard.
The most innovative organisations
do it anyway.

We prepare your people and processes to thrive in your digitally enabled future organisation, by focussing on internal capability building through stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer.

We run towards and not away from your legal and compliance teams to bring them on the journey with us, reassure them as to the viability of our mission, and make them advocates of our purpose. This is important, and we are proud of our distinct “compliant by design” approach.

Seamlessly integrating these services with our Strategy and Software Development teams equips your organisation to reap the rewards of its digitally transformed offering.

Embedding Agile.

>Innovation never takes place in a vacuum, and organisational change can be really hard to enact. By embedding Agile throughout your organisation we prepare your people and processes to succeed in your digitally-enabled future.

Deep expertise

We specialise in complex projects and in particular we have extensive experience in respect of new technologies.

Transforming a business requires commercial excellence, exceptional interpersonal skills and a sound grasp of the prevailing legal and regulatory environment.

Get in touch to learn more about how we deliver on these three pillars starting with a Deep Dive.

Our Team
Sian is MDRxTech's Chief Operating Officer. She leads and shapes the delivery of our consulting services. She has led the development of innovative strategies in both public and private sector organisations and has overseen the design of new business models that enable her clients to effectively adopt new technologies.
Sian Rodway