Digital transformation with business value

MDRxTech exists to enable businesses to embrace emerging technology in a legally compliant way. 
What we do

We empower you to innovate with confidence by combining leading business, technology, and legal expertise.

Emerging technologies are becoming a vital part to many business strategies, but they need specific expertise to make an impact, and be worth your time. They also come with ethical, legal, and regulatory complexity that is difficult to navigate.

At MDRxTech, we believe ground-breaking technological creations should only ever be built at the intersection between business, technology and law.

That’s why our in-house team specialise in strategy, software development, and data innovation, backed by best in class lawyers from across The MDR Group.


We specialise in complex projects and in particular we have extensive experience in respect of new technologies.

Who we are
We work with clients around the world with our diverse in-house team including Strategists, Designers, Software Developers and Data Scientists.

If you want to unlock new possibilities for your organisation, please get in touch.