Welcome to MDRx

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Our story

In a nutshell, MDRx is a technology consultancy specialising in emerging tech and is a part of the Mishcon de Reya Group. 

MDRx was created to help businesses innovate confidently by leveraging our expertise in business, technology and law. We recognise that new technologies present exciting opportunities, but they also come with large unknowns and scary risks. 

Our philosophy is based on the idea that ground-breaking technological creations can only be built at the intersection of business, tech, and law. As no one has achieved that yet, our clients trust us with their business change management, emerging tech strategies, builds, and implementations. Our services enable our clients to push the frontiers of innovation while remaining legally compliant.  

At MDRx, we are on a mission to change the face of consultancy. And we do that by creating experiences that add value and impact to our clients’ businesses. We believe in putting meaning into digital transformation by creating a proper plan that encompasses much more than migrating from legacy systems.  

How we use technology to produce innovation

We are a set of people who love building products that solve problems. That’s why we use our technology expertise to unlock solutions to problems that couldn’t have been built before. 

And in order to do that we need to keep things simple. Whilst our instincts sometimes stray towards making everything cutting edge and pushing boundaries, we like to solve one problem at a time and focus on the things that add the most value to our clients.  

We typically do that through: 

  1. Business, and emerging tech strategy
  2. Software development
  3. Data science 

A big part of how we work is our discovery process, where we identify the problem we are trying to solve and make sure we understand it before deciding on an approach. That’s why we never start with a technology and try to find a problem for it. We always start with a problem first and find the solution that works best for our clients and their customers.  

That means all our projects are built with purpose in mind first, whilst our knowledge of new technologies is only the enabler. 

Our Team

As experts in many emerging and cutting-edge technologies, we like to put together our knowledge with client problems and find the right solutions that will add value and make a difference to their business. 

Our team consists of strategists, designers, engineers, data scientists, tech specialists and product leaders backed by best-in-class lawyers from across The Mishcon de Reya Group.  

If you’d like to know a bit more about us, you can take a look at our team page. We considerably grew by 300% last year and we’re still looking for several different roles, so get in touch if you’re interested to find out more and join this friendly bunch.   

Future plans

We are currently working on some exciting projects with innovative leaders from various industries including luxury, retail, art, media, film, music, sports, as well as the public sector. We will be sharing some examples of our work and the experiences we delivered for our customers soon so stay tuned.  

We’re also planning to post regularly on our blog moving forward. This will cover emerging tech topics like Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3, AI and ML, and data science. You’ll be seeing things like innovation stories, future trends, thought leadership pieces as well as team updates and more.  

Follow our journey – does this sound like you?

If you consider yourself forward thinking and innovative and you’re interested in emerging tech and new ideas, then we recommend keeping an eye on our blog because it sounds like you’ll be enjoying our content.  

The easiest way to be notified when a new post goes out is to follow us on LinkedIn, where you can also see what our team is being up to.   

We promise you’ll like it here! And if you fancy a chat or you’d like to learn more about how we can collaborate, please reach out.