Technology horizon scanning briefings

Built for all types of business looking to understand more about the world of tech or for teams and individuals in tech rich organisations looking to bring everyone up to the same level of understanding. Each briefing is based around a one-hour session with a leading expert. To find out more, please download our brochure below.

Artificial Intelligence, Web 3.0

Available briefings include:

— What’s Hot: an overview of the latest developments and trends together with the opportunities and challenges they present.
— Horizon Scanning: a view of what is likely to happen next from a technology perspective, together with some of the indicative opportunities and challenges it might present.
— Innovation Mindset: actionable insights to ensure they are setting themselves and their organisations up to succeed and harness innovation and technology.
— Driven by Data: the raw tools and mindset required to identify, harness and derive value from available datasets within their organisation for growth and efficiency.