Case Study

One of the world’s most prestigious custodians of culture and heritage sites

Business and Technology Strategy, Data Analytics
AI, Metaverse, ML, Web 3.0


How do we encourage future generations to visit, care for and protect our historic and culturally significant physical assets and spaces? What role can and should emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Metaverse play to showcase assets that are hundreds and in some cases thousands of years old?

We were asked to provide key strategic training and data-driven advice to the senior executive team of a leading cultural heritage charity, equipping them to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century. 


MDRx interviewed stakeholders from across the client’s organisation, to get a solid understanding of the often-divergent views and existing initiatives being explored. We always work hard to embed ourselves within our clients’ organisations, to identify key personnel at all levels. 

We spent time discussing the existing charity-wide strategy with senior executives. This enabled us to align our advice, training and insights to the overarching priorities of the organisation, ensuring they could be actionable, practical and commercially viable. We provided working definitions to accompany our strategic advice, ensuring the organisation uses consistent terminology and can have more productive, focussed conversations. 

We invested heavily in knowledge transfer. We pride ourselves on being a consultancy that never latches onto clients such that they can never use other providers or fly solo in the future. Our training and accompanying documentation were bespoke to the client and used to communicate the new emerging technology strategy across the organisations at all levels. 


  • Organisational alignment: The whole client organisation was taken on the journey, and key stakeholders were bought in and inspired to participate and cooperate. 
  • Working definitions: A common lexicon for jargon associated with data practices, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Web 3.0 and the Metaverse. 
  • Bespoke strategic advice: A precise and tailored set of recommendations produced specifically to enhance the client’s organisation while being respectful of their profoundly important portfolio and the constraints that apply to them. 
  • Knowledge transfer: Investment in our client, to equip them to thrive without needing us. 
  • Twenty-first century cultural and heritage: An exciting and forward-looking strategy to embrace certain emerging technologies to protect, enhance and preserve some of the world’s most iconic cultural heritage assets for future generations. 

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