Case Study

Empowering artists and streamlining music rights administration

Business and Technology Strategy, Data Analytics, Software Engineering


The music industry lacked a standardised approach to gathering and administering accurate neighbouring rights data and income. There were inconsistencies, gaps and errors in the music registration data itself, and a lack of synchronisation and integration of the practices across the 100+ societies worldwide. Additionally, artists had little oversight and therefore ability to review and determine if their works are correctly registered, resulting in unclaimed income. 


Our client partnered with us to tackle these challenges and improve the efficiency of neighbouring rights collection. This included:  

  1. Memberships: MDRx developed a secure client portal with an automated onboarding process, where clients can curate their profile, digitally sign pre-populated membership forms and manage their royalty statements, which streamlined the registration process.

  2. AI-Generated Discography: MDRx used machine learning to generate a discography and accompanying evidence of artist contribution, viewable in a custom client web app. This discography included a track record of all the recordings artists had been involved in, allowing admins to see and compare how their clients’ music was being registered worldwide, whilst enabling them to identify discrepancies and take appropriate action.

  3. Process automation: MDRx used software and data engineering to automate the review and claiming process of income from collection societies; as well as the processes for managing artists with regards to membership and payment.  


Maximised artist income: Significantly increased accuracy of the discography data gathered means artists are fairly rewarded for their work.  

Empowered artists: The transparency offered by the self-service, cutting-edge client web app empowered artists to actively monitor their discography and claim royalties when discrepancies in data are identified, which led to greater control over their own data and earnings. 

Increased business efficiency: Through process automation, our client experienced a business transformation that resulted in increased efficiencies. The streamlined processes freed up the team’s time and resources, allowing them to explore and develop new business ventures within the music industry. 

Our client is a neighbouring rights agent within the music industry, collecting royalty income on behalf of a plethora of acclaimed artists when their recordings are played around the world on the radio, TV or at live venues.The company was looking to accelerate the automation and increase the efficiency and accuracy of music rights administration on a global scale to subsequently maximise their client’s income. They were also looking to automate their own internal processes to increase business efficiency.

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