The Schrems II judgment and the future of free movement of data

On 16 July 2020 the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) will hand down judgment in case C-311/18 (“Facebook Ireland and Schrems”). This hotly anticipated ruling will consider a number of questions (referred to the CJEU by the High Court of Ireland), but – crucially – it is expected to deal with the validity of the “standard contractual clauses” or “SCCs”, under which personal data can be transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area. SCCs are a fundamentally important mechanism for many companies who trade across borders, and the ruling may have significant implications for such trade.

Data Protection Partner Adam Rose, and Data Protection Advisor Jon Baines will be discussing the ruling as soon as it is handed down, and will be recording their views and initial impressions in a video podcast. We will be making the recording available as soon as it is made, but if you would like to receive it into your mailbox, please enter your details here to subscribe to the mailing and we will send you a link as soon as it is uploaded.