Unlocking value with data

Data can be powerful but also scary. Harnessed properly, data can help you reach your potential while we mitigate your legal and reputational risks.

World-class organisations rely on data.

Exceptional data practices lead to better decision-making, improved operational efficiency and optimised outcomes. We work to ensure that data is leveraged by organisations in the right way, and get it working productively as an asset.

Our Data Scientists work to identify our clients’ existing datasets and deploy sophisticated techniques to draw insights from them. They then work together with our Strategists to translate client data into actionable recommendations.

We work with expert lawyers and data protection specialists from across The MDR Group and demonstrate best security practice on all of our builds to protect our clients and their organisations from the financial and reputational harms that poor data practices can cause.


We specialise in complex projects and in particular we have extensive experience in respect of new technologies.

We run a Discovery before we build anything. This provides you with comfort that your concept has been tested, hypotheses have been challenged, and delivery plan has been well considered to save time and money.

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Our Team
As Head of Engineering, Alexander sets the technical direction of travel on MDRxTech’s client engagements. He combines bleeding edge technology with engineering excellence.
Alexander Cannon - MDRxTech