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Mirren Fischer

Head of Design - London
Mirren is Head of Design at MDRxTech. She leads the product design and management teams to deliver fantastic customer experiences. Known for her combination of strategic and pragmatic approaches, her superpower is distilling complex problems into simple solutions.

Mirren brings almost 25 years of experience as a designer – first as a registered architect in the US, then as a start-up founder, then as a digital designer since 2009. She’s worked with ground-breaking start-ups and award-winning agencies on a diverse range of projects: from digitising the UK personal child health record to integrating virtual reality into architectural rendering to classifying social media content via machine learning.

One of her proudest moments includes designing a new scientific peer review system and moving the world’s largest open access scientific journal onto it within the course of a year, halving turnaround times for science to reach the public realm.

Immediately before joining MDRxTech, Mirren ran a consultancy focused on helping green-tech start-ups get to market. She continues her interest in all things sustainable by mentoring start-ups at the Imperial College- & Royal Institution-supported Centre for Climate Change Innovation. In both consulting and mentorship positions she’s driven value for these new companies by:
• helping them understand their markets and customers
• strategising about what to build when
• making sure their digital products are fit for purpose, usable, and delightful.

Mirren is extremely interested in the intersection between digital and physical worlds, which means she’s dived headfirst into the metaverse and is enjoying becoming an expert on design for web3.

As a leader Mirren still rolls up her sleeves and gets stuck in, but is now even more interested in encouraging new talent - either at MDRxTech or while helping upskill her clients’ staff. She’s taught entrepreneurship at the University of West London and expects to teach again.
Mirren Fischer

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