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Alexander Cannon

Head of Engineering - London
Alexander is MDRxTech's Head of Engineering. He sets the technical direction of travel on our various client engagements and combines bleeding edge technology with engineering excellence. He has successfully delivered products across a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud and edge computing, and the Internet of Things.

Alexander has built and architected products for companies that have scaled to millions of users and billions of dollars of transactions. He has a track record of success as a consultant as well as leading product teams. He thrives when working in a wide possibility space, creating new products, and innovating.

Alexander grew up in a family of technologists and mathematicians and has been coding since before he could ride a bicycle. Instead of a paper round, he got his start in software as a teenager making websites. He most recently founded and exited a fintech AI start-up, and previously founded a consultancy that allowed him to combine his love of start-ups with the pure challenge of scaling technology and businesses.

Alexander passionately believes in breaking down the barriers that surround the technology industry, and that everyone can and should learn to code. In his spare time, he mentors up-and-coming developers to help marginalised people take their first step towards a career in software.
Alexander Cannon

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