MDRxTech’s origins are rooted in Web 3.0

The future of the internet

We have been one of the premier Web 3.0 development and strategy providers for many years. We have acted for the world’s largest Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols on their initial product strategy, architected novel systems and tokenomics, and developed technologically innovative NFTs and DAOs.
We are working at the intersection of blockchain, the Metaverse, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and addressed the EU Commission on this convergence.

We recognise the extraordinary commercial and societal benefits of a distributed model of transacting value, but we’re not zealots and prefer to adopt a pragmatic, commercially focussed approach. We always maintain a focus on identifying and understanding your prospective users, and design and develop with them in mind.

We only work with the best projects, underpinned by sound legal and regulatory compliance at all times. Our diverse team of Strategists, Blockchain Engineers, Software Developers, UX Designers and Product Managers amongst others integrate seamlessly with best-in-class legal and regulatory experts from across The MDR Group.

Does it need blockchain?

Most clients that come to us looking for a blockchain leave with a solution powered by other technologies. This is a good and healthy discipline that we are proud of – we will always recommend the best tool for the job, with a view to achieving your desired outcomes.
Case studies

One of the world’s most famous DAOs

In mid-2017, what is now one of the world’s most famous DAOs came to us asking for support in refining its Ethereum-based product prior to launch.
Case studies

A prominent luxury fashion house’s NFT launch

Our client, a prominent luxury fashion house, tasked us with guiding their culturally significant brand through their first foray into Web3 via an NFT issuance. Their legal and commercial teams came to us together – both frustrated with the other owing to their divergent interests and priorities.
Our Team
As Head of Engineering, Alexander sets the technical direction of travel on MDRxTech’s client engagements. He combines bleeding edge technology with engineering excellence.