The next great frontier of storytelling

The Metaverse is inevitable.

We have always been very clear that the Metaverse is not a place but a movement, towards the blurring of the distinction between physical and digital experiences. This vision opens up a brave new world of possibility, though isn’t without its technology, commercial, reputational risks.
MDRxTech’s clarity of thought and purpose has led us to advise some of the world’s most prestigious organisations on their Metaverse strategy and implementations.

Our focus is always on delivering real and meaningful value rather than being dictated by a specific technology. Our broad definition of the Metaverse can, for example, exist with or without Web 3.0. We work with AR and VR, with and without wearables, and in a broad range of sectors. We always deliver to an enterprise standard and embed the best lawyers from across The MDR Group within our project teams.
Case studies

A leading peer-to-peer online clothing retailer

We were asked by this rapidly expanding business to help it understand how Metaverse technologies can extend its customers’ experiences and deepen their relationships.
Case studies

A Premier League football club

We were asked to help our client align its internal capabilities and develop a coherent strategy for expansion into the Metaverse, following similar conversations with several Premier League and La Liga clubs.
Our Team
Mirren is Head of Design at MDRxTech. She leads the product design and management teams to deliver fantastic customer experiences. Known for her combination of strategic and pragmatic approaches, her superpower is distilling complex problems into simple solutions.