Rethinking trust

Enterprise Blockchain

Forward-looking business are right now transforming how they store, exchange and transact valuable data. This radical rethink of what it means to be a counterparty can allow payments to be made more quickly, data to be shared more efficiently, and business to be conducted more seamlessly.

Persuading disparate stakeholders to agree on the cultural and practical steps required to implement effective enterprise blockchain can be difficult, and integrating the necessary legal and technical protections is a specialist task. MDRxTech exists to guide you through the process underpinned by commercial, technology and legal excellence.

Does it need a blockchain?

Most clients that come to us looking for a blockchain leave with a solution powered by other technologies. This is a good and healthy discipline that we are proud of.

We will always recommend the best tool for the job, with a view to achieving your desired outcomes.

Our Team
As Head of Engineering, Alexander sets the technical direction of travel on MDRxTech’s client engagements. He combines bleeding edge technology with engineering excellence.
Alexander Cannon - MDRxTech