Impactful AI and ML can give you a game-changing competitive advantage

Value not theory

MDRxTech has been designing and deploying AI and ML models for several years, realising real benefits for clients across a broad range of private and public sectors. We focus on outcomes, typically combining clients’ proprietary datasets with others that are publicly available to deliver real and bespoke value.
We have deep expertise in natural language processing, financial modelling and machine vision leveraging our exceptional Data Scientists, Data Engineers and Software Developers.

To ensure we deliver value not theory, our Product Managers and Strategists maintain a firm focus on the key problem(s) to be solved and ensure our AI and ML engines’ outputs and recommendations are actionable, relevant, and improve over time.

AI and ML are not without their ethical, legal and regulatory challenges. We work with experts from across The MDR Group to assess and mitigate risks associated with, for example, bias and discrimination, cyber security, data protection and intellectual property to ensure “compliance by design” in everything that we do.
Case studies

Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

This prominent department of His Majesty’s Government procured MDRxTech to engineer the Beta version of its Open Regulation Platform, which seeks to provide the UK with regulation that is smarter, better targeted, easier to access and less costly to businesses.
Case studies

A market-leading crypto analytics business

A leading crypto analytics business wanted to use artificial intelligence to improve its product and spot patterns that even its most experienced investigators could not.
Our Team
As Head of Engineering, Alexander sets the technical direction of travel on MDRxTech’s client engagements. He combines bleeding edge technology with engineering excellence.