A data-driven approach to carbon capture measurement

Our clients are a leading environmental activist in the UK and is reinventing the way in which carbon capture is measured, calculated and transacted. The current system is woefully innaccurate and based on outdated models that expose buyers and sellers to accusations of “greenwashing” and, critically, fails to adequately serve the world’s response to the climate crisis.

A new, green, engaging approach to cryptocurrencies

Our client is a well-known and respected businessperson, looking to deploy their significant commercial expertise to redefine the crypto industry. 

Having conceived and refined the proposition with our Product team, we led the development of the new cryptoasset and an associated dApp on Algorand. We stood up related infrastructure and environments and managed the development to keep to time and budget.  We ran the project using Agile and Scrum methodologies and delivered value early for our client. 


Every day, millions around the world interact with dense legal material in the form of T&Cs, regulatory notifications and traditional legal contracts.  These materials are often so complex that their users cannot reasonably be expected to comprehend them.  This creates legal risk for their providers, who may struggle to rely on them. Amplifi are addressing this risk, by using machine learning to assess the intelligibility of legal material and providing alternatives to simplify them.

HM Land Registry

The conveyance process in the UK is slow, expensive and stressful. It often involves a series of linked transactions in a chain, and can be opaque to all parties involved.  HM Land Registry embarked on an innovation project to explore how these issues might be addressed as part of its’ ambition to “become the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data.”