A data-driven approach to carbon capture measurement

Our client is a leading environmental activist in the UK and is reinventing the way in which carbon capture is measured, calculated and transacted.  The current system is woefully innaccurate and based on outdated models that expose buyers and sellers to accusations of “greenwashing” and, critically, fails to adequately serve the world’s response to the climate crisis.

United Arab Emirates Government

The main barrier to the proliferation of AI and ML systems is the availability of sufficiently large, high-quality datasets upon which to train them. Datasets currently often reside in siloes and vary in quality.

We worked closely alongside senior government stakeholders to understand their strategic priorities and market opportunity, define user personas and devise a product concept that met its’ prospective users’ requirements.

Fixing the music royalty problem

Our client is a forward-thinking incumbent in the music industry, seeking to improve the way in which artists and neighbouring rights holders are rewarded and receive their royalty payments, by analysing and improving the disparate and often mixed-quality datasets provided by collection societies.

We worked with our client to define the product concept and identify the most valuable components that we should design and develop first.

A new, green, engaging approach to cryptocurrencies

Our client is a well-known and respected businessperson, looking to deploy their significant commercial expertise to redefine the crypto industry.

We hosted an intense series of workshops across several weeks with the client, to define their business model, identify the market opportunity and user personas, devise a product concept that met its’ prospective users’ requirements, and design the user journey through the MVP.