Physics of Law

There has been growing discussion among legal scholars over the past two decades of an emerging “global community of courts” composed of a network of judicial dialogue across national borders.

Our Data Scientists investigated the cross-border flow of judicial thinking by analysing over 1.5 million judgments from twenty-six common law countries. They modelled the use of persuasive authority as a complex network.

Independent Review of Administrative Law panel on Judicial Review

The IRAL called for evidence with regards to alleged growing influence of judicial review in the English legal system, following recent high-profile and successful judicial reviews such as Miller 1 and Miller 2 in respect of Brexit.

In partnership with vLex Justis4, through access to published judgments from the Queen’s Bench Division, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court over the past ten years, we analysed the data for trends in judicial review.


Every day, millions around the world interact with dense legal material in the form of T&Cs, regulatory notifications and traditional legal contracts.  These materials are often so complex that their users cannot reasonably be expected to comprehend them.  This creates legal risk for their providers, who may struggle to rely on them. Amplifi are addressing this risk, by using machine learning to assess the intelligibility of legal material and providing alternatives to simplify them.