An effective national emerging technology evaluation framework

Technologies are developing at a rapid pace. This poses a challenge for large organisations that need to stay abreast of the latest innovations while carefully deploying resource and minimising waste.

The MDRxTECH team worked closely with a leading government in the Middle East to develop a robust model for the identification of high-potential emerging technologies, and a sophisticated stage-gate model to inform the government’s resourcing decisions (the Evaluation Framework). 

The Evaluation Framework was tied to the government’s overarching strategic aims at an international, national and regional level. It was cognisant of the government’s need to, amongst other things: (1) protect against public harms; (2) maximise the possible public benefits associated with its engagement with new technologies; and (3) the geopolitical importance of establishing and maintaining a prominent role in respect of certain technologies.

The Evaluation Framework included certain ‘tripwires’ for government engagement or intervention, from R&D investment through to legislative or regulatory steps.  The MDRxTECH team were expertly placed to advise their client on the full breadth of the Evaluation Framework, bringing together best-in-class technology experts underpinned by sound legal and regulatory guidance.